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Urban Data Center

Urban Data Center

Located in Phnom Penh City Centre (PPCC), the Urban Data Centre is set to provide fundamental digital services to the residents of Phnom Penh’s first and only Central Business District.

Spanning over 100 HA of land, our Urban Data Centre looks to service leading banking institutions, multinational corporate headquarters, ministries and key business operations that are expected to be located within PPCC.

A one-stop, centralized location for business needs, the iconic, futuristic facade and integrated night lighting of the Urban Data Centre houses state-of-the-art data centre facilities, as well as a high-security office – helping Phnom Penh’s businesses improve competitiveness and positioning the city as an integrated lifestyle and business hub for growth and innovation.

Completion: March 2019


Project Type  :  Data Center

Total Size: 7,529 sqm

Key Features

  • High Security Office Facility
  • State of the Art’s Data Center
  • Iconic Futuristic Façade Skin with Integrated Night Lighting
Architect :
Awards :