49 Yarrow Gardens


Completion: Est. 2024

The house sits along a sloping terrain, and is conceived a private, cosy home with treasures within; a double-height living space overlooked by a corridor, an art gallery, sky courtyard with lush greenery and a communal front balcony overlooking the quaint neighbourhood.

His Excellency Dr. Hun Manet Presides Over ByteDC Datacenter’s Inauguration, Cementing Its Position as Cambodia’s first Uptime Design Tier III Certified Data Center.


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations and companies face the risk of losing critical data and information during online operations. While technology drives economic, commercial, and social advancements, it also carries significant risks. Recognizing these challenges, BYTEDC Datacenter has emerged as the optimal solution for secure and trustworthy information storage, addressing the market’s need.