Bytedc Data Center

Completion Date: 2023

Located in the vibrant Phnom Penh City Centre (PPCC), BYTEDC proudly stands as Cambodia’s pioneering UPTIME Certified Data Center. With a strong commitment to providing unparalleled services, BYTEDC caters to esteemed banking institutions, multinational corporate headquarters, ministries, and thriving businesses within the PPCC ecosystem.

In addition to serving the general population of Cambodia, BYTEDC offers comprehensive support to government agencies in their digital transformation journey. They provide customized training programs, equipping agency staff with vital skills in software applications, data management, and cybersecurity. BYTEDC’s team of experts also provides advisory services, guiding agencies in areas like digital strategy, data governance, and cybersecurity compliance. Moreover, they collaborate with agencies to design tailored data centers that optimize space, power, cooling, and security, catering to diverse requirements. With these offerings, BYTEDC empowers government agencies to thrive in the digital era, meeting their unique needs and facilitating their successful transition.

Key Facts

Property Type
Service Apartment

Number of Halls
5 Floors of Data Halls


  • High Security Office Facility
  • State of the Art’s Data Center
  • Iconic Futuristic Façade Skin with Integrated Night Lighting