Completion Date: 2023

Emerald@113 located at St. 113 emerged as a groundbreaking co-living and co-working hotel project, reshaping the landscape of urban living. Designed to harmoniously blend the concepts of rest and community, Emerald offers residents a distinctive environment to live, work, socialize, and connect.

Embracing the significance of community in personal and professional development, Emerald envisions a vibrant and inclusive social fabric. Through a thoughtful curation of events, communal spaces, and collaborative work areas, it fosters meaningful interactions, encouraging residents to forge lasting connections and exchange ideas.

With its hip design, Emerald creates an ambiance that sparks creativity and inspiration. The stylish interiors and contemporary amenities cater to the evolving needs of modern professionals. Whether seeking solace for focused work, a cozy retreat, or opportunities for networking and collaboration, Emerald presents a comprehensive solution. Experience a space crafted to inspire personal and professional growth, where every aspect of life is nurtured in unison.



With a growth in the population of Generation Z and the internet economy, more people are looking for social interaction and a sense of belongingness. Meanwhile, gaming is one of the most popular activities among the young, and the not so old generation with a new generation of consumers seeks a personalized experiences.

The Creative Center is slated to be the first Esports hotel in Phnom Penh catering to local gamers and tourists alike who are looking for a comfortable stay at the city center with access to state of the art gaming equipment and ambience.

More than an Esports hotel, the Creative Center is projected to have multiple built-in ecosystems for various preferences. Control of the room’s experience is achieved using IoT devices embedded in every room. Users can access these devices via an app in order to control room temperature, light intensity, open and close the curtains just to name a few examples.

The app also allows users the ability to book rooms in advance, self check-in, and order services directly from their phones. The hotel combines gaming spaces with business, food quarters, co-working offices, and touristic facilities and accommodations.

A creative co-working environment with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, Gen Z and Millennials can congregate, work, and live in the facilities. The Hotel also offers a selection of professional gaming peripherals. Any gamer that gets used to the hardware provided in the facilities, can order the same equipment from the hotel’s e-shop and have it delivered to their home.