Angkor Boulevard Begins Construction

City Hall to build New 30m Wide Road from Aeon Sen Sok to Win-Win Blvd.

Phnom Penh Municipality will build a new 30-metre-wide road connecting the Aeon Mall Sen Sok area to Win-Win Blvd according to the Department of Public Works and Transport on 4 September.

This road will be built parallel with Phnom Penh’s main north canal, connecting Street 1003 (route entering Aeon Mall Sen Sok) to Win-Win Blvd in Russey Keo district. The road will help ease traffic congestion in the area in north Phnom Penh.

The road is nearly 6 km long, 30 meters wide, a concrete road with a central garden of 2 meters, a road 12 meters on each side, which allows cars to travel 3 lanes to 3 lanes and 1 lane for motorbikes and 2 meters wide of sidewalk for pedestrians. The project will take six months to build, according to Sam Piseth, Director of the Department of Public Works and Transport of Phnom Penh on the website of the Ministry of Information.

Properties and businesses strategically located abound this boulevard will stand to benefit from the construction with better traffic flow management and increased efficiency. Leedon Heights Condominium is one such development.